Aging in Place – A Program for Seniors and Caregivers

Seniors are living longer due to medical advances, and it is predicated that by the year 2050 almost 450 million people worldwide will be aged 80 years or older. Unfortunately, longevity has not translated to perfect health.  The high prevalence of chronic medical conditions (like diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, and others) illustrate the increased disease burden we face in the United States.  And despite ailing health, most seniors report they prefer to live at home.  In these cases, the family members are usually left to be the elder’s caregiver.

We believe that families want to play a role in the care of their loved ones as they age, and we know that most families will eventually experience the inability for their loved one to remain independent at home. At this crossroad, we want to help caregivers to be informed and engaged in the decision-making process for their loved ones.  This is why we’ve developed a program called Aging in Place.

Aging in Place is a Family Physicians of Greeley (FPG) program for our elder patients and their families or caregivers to learn about resources in the community that support the aging process and the families providing care.  Our goals with this program are to improve health outcomes and quality of life for both seniors and their caregivers, as well as to increase knowledge of local resources and options when faced with the difficult decision of staying at home or transitioning outside the home.

With many factors to consider, such as cost, safety in the home, level of care needed, quality of life, and more, we will offer multiple educational sessions that address many topics.  Each session will include 4 different speakers who will give a brief presentation on their topic, followed by time for questions and answers.  All sessions offered are independent of the others, and our patients are invited to attend as many sessions as they find useful.  Due to limited space, we ask that each patient in attendance bring only one family member or caregiver as a support.

The first Aging in Place session will be on September 26th, 2019, from 2 – 4 pm at our West Office location (6801 W. 20th Street, Suite 101, Greeley 80634).  Speakers include the following:

  • Anne Jorgenson, Esq. (Elder Law, medical and financial decision making)
  • Alan Heileman, Coordinator of Community Resources at University of Colorado Health (Understanding Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans)
  • Mark Hout, CEO UNI-Design, an Aging in Place Contractor (Home redesign for safe aging)
  • Maria Sanchez, RN, PhD., Care Manager at Family Physicians of Greeley (Advance Care Planning)

Also included in this session will be a breakdown of the average costs to remain at home with care or transition outside the home to a care facility.

To register for this session, please call 970-352-9444, option 7, and speak with Maria.  You may also leave a message confirming your participation.  Please include the FPG patient’s name and date of birth, as well as the total number of attendees (maximum of 2).  Space is limited and will fill up fast, so RSVP early!  We kindly ask that you register by Friday, September 13th.

Our next Aging in Place session will be held on October 10, 2019.  Once the speakers and class time have been confirmed, details will be available on the Health and Wellness Classes page of our website.  We look forward to providing these educational sessions and partnering with you and your loved ones in health.  Cheers!

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